Betting the NFL: Week 13

Week 12 Recap   No column last week since I only had one bet and posted it on Facebook (Cardinals -4.5 for 2 units was the bet) to save time. I did also ended up putting two units on the 49ers @ -4.0 the morning of the game, so I ended up hitting on both […]

Betting the NFL: Week 11

Week 10 Recap A very good week and easily my best of the year; all three of my bets hit (despite the Buccaneers best efforts to throw it away again late) which makes two weeks in a row now with 30% or more profit. As usual when winning, I don’t have a lot to say […]

Betting the NFL: Week 10

Week 9 Recap New England Patriots -6.0 Pittsburgh Steelers – 2 Units Tennessee Titans – 3.0 St Louis Rams – 2 Units I’m grouping these together since I don’t really have a lot to say about it; the Patriots looked way better than I expected but then again, so did the Pittsburgh Offense so the […]

Betting the NFL: Week 9

So it’s been around 3 weeks since I last wrote here and those weeks have been… less than financially thrilling. I’ve intended to write each week but Uni, work and real life have got in the way blah blah blah. Anyway I’m back. Im planning to do a more detailed recap of the missing weeks […]

Betting the NFL: Week 5

So as you may have noticed, there was no article last week; Work and University intervened to prevent me from finding time.   Recap of Week 3 Not a great week for me, with only three bets and a win-loss-push result, thankfully I still made the tiniest of profits. Frustrating games though; both the Chargers […]

Betting the NFL: Week 3

Recap of Last Week Not a great week, I went 4-2 overall but the two losing bets were both larger bets which meant I only made an extremely minimal profit for the week. Win: New York Jets @ New England Patriots (Jets +12.0, 1 Unit   Under 43.5 points, 1 Unit) Win: Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore […]

Betting the NFL: Week 2

Recap of Last Week Not as good as I would have liked but certainly not bad. The first couple of weeks are always the hardest to bet (take that as a warning for this week’s picks too) and I finished 3-2-1 but more importantly went 2-0-1 for my 3 larger bets giving me a nice […]

Betting the NFL: Week 1

My picks for the first week of the NFL season. Ill be adding my bets weekly and you can follow my progress here each week. Traditionally, I’ve done worse in the first two weeks of the season, the improved as the season goes on so I’m only putting minimal bets down on these picks. The […]

Predicting NFL Season Wins: How Often Wins Occur

So, now that I have my initial first wave out of the way, it’s time to develop this model further. First and foremost, is nailing down a good system of allocating wins. My initial thought was to allocate half a win for close games, 0.75 of a win for games where I think one team […]

Predicting NFL Season Wins: The Gut Reaction

Predicting which team will win a particular game is no easy task; even in the rare cases where you think you completely understand a team and their opposition there’s still enough variables, from the wildly unpredictable such as injuries or a player’s mental condition on the day to more predictable elements such as weather or […]